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pictures of beautiful places on earth; amazing art like 3D street paintings, body art, & creative food design; cool photography plus other beautiful images

Forest of Baobab trees, Madagascar

Near the city of Morondava, on the West coast of Madagascar, lies an ancient forest of Baobab trees. Unique to Madagascar, the endemic species is sacred to the Malagasy people and rightly so. Walking amongst these giants is like nothing else on this planet. Some of the trees here are over a thousand years old. It is a spiritual place, almost magical.

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Yes, but is it art?

Something’s fishy about this

Island of Mykines

The village of G Sadalur and the island of Mykines, the westernmost of the 18 main islands of the Faroe Archipelago.

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Cool garage door cover

Hand elephant

Cute salad design

Temple Run in real life

More cute food design


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